Thursday, January 28, 2010

Mundaring National Park

Well this Australia Day I decided to take the fellas for a bushwalk, and we picked one of the Mundaring walk trails up in the mountains. This bushwalk was the Paten's Brook campsite trail which if ya took the whole trip was gonna be just over eight kilometres, but it was hot and we only had two water bottles so we only walked to the campsite which still took us almost three kilometres. And of cause another three kilometres back so it was still a big walk for the little fella Oscar, but fairdinkum he did it in his stride. He drank a fair bit of water but never stopped, which was lucky as we would of probably left him there! But this Post is gonna be a little bit different as this one is a 'Interactive Post' with some video of the walk! So you too can come on a bushwalk with your's truly and the nevilles, there short videos so you wont get to bored with us.... like this one

As you can see the trail was a fairdinkum bush track, no Poncey girly walk way for us tough fellas.

As we walked we passed a fair few old trees that have seen a better day and have fallen to bits, here are Jacko, Harry and Oscar at the end. Fairdinkum they have more fun climbing these trees then the swings in our local Park, but at least they out in the bush roughing' it getting dirty instead of sitting in frount of the telly watching the cricket..... and with the aircon going on high..... with a nice beer in the hand..... strewth what the hell am I doing out here! Nah just joking I know it's better for the nevilles to be out active instead of sitting around indoors..... but still the aircon sounds nice!

Talking about old trees getting near there used-by date, heres one that if it gets to the end of the year it's doing great. Now some of the track is along the world famous (okay maybe in Perth) Bibbulmun Track, then as it runs of to the right we pick up the Paten's Brook Trail. Which run's few this ripper aussie scrub until we came to the place that we were after, the Paten's Brook Campsite which as you can see is your everyday bread n' butter campsite which comes with it's very own outback dunny. But fairdinkum it's a little beauty of a site, and I can see us one day coming back with the old tent.

Just hanging out on a stump!

But all good things have to come to an end, and as you can see all the nevilles will be sleeping good tonight. Crikey they were stuffed we had just walked a little bit short of six kilometres, over hills and down threw gulley's to have a gander at a friggin' shitty little campsite. Fairdinkum it was hard work but you never know we might just be seeing the beginning of the NEW Leyland Brothers!