Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Bells rapids

Normally our bushwalks don't get onto this blog but since we have been trying to save some moolah, we haven't been getting about as much. So a nice little bushwalk along an old bush track, is just what the doctor ordered. So we headed to a place called Bells Rapids which is about a nine minute drive away, after parking the commodore in the picnic area we grabbed a small picnic and some bottle water and off we went along the track next to the river. This place is located in Brigadoon and is unofficially known as the entrance to the Avon Valley, through which the Avon River (which becomes the Swan River) flows. Heres two of the kiddies climbing up some boulders, luckily for them the misses isn't here or they would be in more trouble then a box of worms on a fishing trip!

Bells Rapids sits on the edge of the Darling Scarp, and is a prime viewing area to see competitors in the annual Avon Descent White Water Race. Heres the little princess with the Bells rapids bridge in the background, as you can see the river is down quiet a bit and needs a lot more water for a beaut race this year. And here is the mob on the bridge as they cross to the other side, so we can start down the bush track for our bushwalk.

But before we hit the track we came across an old rope swing which the kiddies couldn't help but give it a go, heres Sarah swinging about having a ripper time.

Crikey Oscar! talk about giving us a smile!

Heres Sarah again as she walks along the Avon River bush trail, ooohhh isn't it beautiful.... i'm talking about the countryside of cause!

walking along the track.

Rest stop as the kiddies needed a long drink and a feed, as we had came a massive four kilometers so a rest was needed. Then we turned

around and started back along the trial again, next time we will try to make it to the National Park which is only about another couple of kilometers away (i think).

And finally were back at the old bridge again, and now it is only a short walk to the picnic area. So another ripper bushwalk under our belts, we might have to find a harder one next time.... poor sods.