Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Yanchep National Park

Well not every day does yours truly parts with a hard earned ten dollar bill, but I thought it was time we had a gander at this National Park. So with the wallet moths flaping about all around us I handed over my moolah, and we drove inside YANCHEP NATIONAL PARK to see what all the fuss was about. First stop was the tradiational photo at the Park sign, and as you can see my little princess was not on our day out. Beacuse she was off with the fairies... true it was a fairy Birthday Party, so that left me with the riff raff boys club.... God help me!)

The next stop was to have a gander at Cabaret Cave which unfortury was closed, so we just had a little walkabout outside you can see the cave just behind Oscar's shoulder. It turns out that the cave was first used as a tourist cave, then it was turned into an underground function centre in the 1930's. It was used extensively as a venue for dances, Debutante Balls and Parties, so that's why it was closed. But it still looked pretty inpressive from the outside, even if it did look a little run down.

Next stop was to Crystal Cave but again it was closed for repair bugger, but this cave is a 'MUST SEE' so we might have to come back another day.... crikey another $10 oh well might have to cut back on something. Maybe feed the kids a few bakebean meals.... well it is hard times now!

Then it was time for a bushwalk and we had a few to consider, first we had 'The Goasthouse walk trail', which sounds great but at 14kms mmmmm. maybe a little hard on their little legs. But there was another on for 55kms Strewth!, that would be like walking back friggin' home! AS IF!. So after having a chat with the kiddies we deciced to go on the 'Waterlands walk' which was a nice 2kms, which at times still seemed a bloody long walk... but we survived. Oh buy the way the little neviles brought there scooters, so it's not like there walking anyway little buggers!

But after a little over a kilometer the Osk was already having a rest, and guess who was carrying a scooter.... yep Oscar (not like i'm carrying the bloody thing, good exercise for him anyway)

Here's Jacko and Harrison having a rest a bit further down the track, as the heat was starting to get to them (hear that Jodi... HEAT ha,ha)

Here's Jacko

Jacko on one of the path bridges on the track, it was in pretty good condition for a track hay.

Then after the hard bushwalk (well i'm not a whiper snipper anymore) we had a gander around the grounds, and found the YANCHEP INN which was pretty cool. Then we had a walkabout around the gardens, which was a nice walk.

As we were wondering around through the Banksias and Paperbarks we came apon this place, where they have a boardwalk where you can have a stickybeak at the Koalas.... cool.

Here's a koala that was having a real beaut time until we came along, then it was 'up the tree' and all we could gander at was his hairy butt!

Then to finish off the day we had an icecream each after finishing off our picnic tucker, ah lifes hard hay and the kiddies had a ripper time so they say.