Thursday, June 11, 2009

Walyunga National Park

Well now where running out of National Parks inside of Perth, we have to start to drive a bit further out for our bushwalks. And this track was a little ripper that went through the Walyunga National Park, just out past Bullsbrook way. The National Park is almost 1800 ha and it is here that the Avon River becomes the Swan River.... cool!

This was going to be one of our shortest trips as it was just over two kilometers, along the 'Sids Rapids Track' which ended at Sid's Rapids (hence the name of the track). And along the way we came apon a mother Kanga with her kiddieroo, which was just having a little fed until a bunch of little monsters came walking up her track.

Some of the large rocks that have fallen down the hillside over the years.

And here we are at the Sid Rapids not much water going through, but during the end of winter when they run the Avon Decent it's quiet dangerous.

And then it was time for the walk back to the car.

And then we were back to the carpark and time to get the picnic out of the boot, and sit back for a beaut feed of sangers among the Kookaburras.... life doesn't get any better then this!