Sunday, January 13, 2008

Bells Rapids

Well hear we go again with yet another little trip in the bush, in this case it was the Bells Rapids in Brigadoon. Now we didn't have to travel far for this walk as it was only about ten minutes drive in good old Fordie, just out of Middle Swan. For this walk we had only Jacko and Harrison as Sarah was out at a Birthday party, which came in handy as it was quiet a hard walk and I know me little princess wouldn't of liked too many hills.

First we walked to the old bridge which is a real beauty, as you can see it's a fairly long one, and I can't wait to come back hear in winter and see what it looks like with a bit more water in it. but it one of the best bridges I think i've ever walked over, and once we got to the other side we had to make our mind up. We could take the so-called hard track known as the goat track, or the easy river walk. Well we were their for the walk so off we went on the Goat track, and didn't the name say it all.

As you can see they really saved on the making of this track, and no joke after walking ten minutes straight up we stopped for a rest. But we had started this walk so we had to finish it, so with two kiddies leaning over up we went.

And up, and up we went for about twenty minutes till we flatten out, but before you could say 'you little beauty' we started going up again.

After a fair while we stopped for another water stop, fairdinkum it was an over cast day but we were sweating heaps. This track just kept going up then down a little then up then down a little, and it looked like it was never gonna stop then we came to our first stop we knew off.

And this was it 'BUTTOCK BOULDER'. Now i've had a chance to look this up on the internet but I still haven't found out why this boulder is called Buttock but i'll try the local library next and see if I can find out hay. So watch this space!

Just a bush tree we saw on the way, pretty beaut hay.

And then we finally made it to the bottom of the trail, and then we found the beginning of the river walk. Which we had to take to get back to the beginning of the bush walk, now this was a lot better walking as we just followed the river back up to the end. But we didn't make it all the way as we found a beaut place we could cross over on the river rocks to the other side, and we made it without falling in.

And now being on the other side of the Swan river meant we had made it to the finish, yet another bush walk came to an end. And no joke this walk was one of our hardest ones we had ever done, thank God the little sheilah hadn't come along. You know she would have had to do it with us but she would of kicked up a stink mate, walking up hills ain't her most favorite past time believe me.

So now we will finish with just a quick photo of Jacko just sitting back taking it easy, No joke when we got back to the start the kiddies started running about playing along the river bank like we haven't even been walking. I don't know where they find all this energy but I will tell ya one thing, the kiddies slept like little champions that night..... Fairdinkum!