Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Marmion Marine Park

Also known as lluka Foreshore walktrail, Marmion Marine Park is offshore from Burns beach and was a bit different from our normal bushwalks. For starters their was not much bush and way to much sea to be one of our normal trips, but with our water bottles full and our sangers and cookies packed away with our beach towels off we walked on this real sunny day. It was a different walk in a lot of ways like for starters the walkway was all tared, something that we didn't come across much out in the bush. Also their was not much in the way of trees so the heat was a lot hotter then we normally come across but doing something different is pretty cool.

Ten minutes in and we were having a real beaut time looking out over the Indian Ocean, as we wandered along through the dune vegetation as the path sits on the top of some huge limestone cliffs giving us a real panoramic view of the sea.

Pretty Beaut hay!

Then after about 45 minutes we had made it to the beach, which meant we were half way, (as we had to walk back to the car) and weren't the kiddies happy as till now all they could see was the sea but couldn't get their feet wet. So down the old walking bridge to the beach and off with the shoes, now were talking it's a real beaut feeling walking along a beach with the water hitting ya toe holders!

Now the kiddies were in their element just splashing about having a real beaut time, as the old man just sat down on the sand and kept an eye out for killer crabs and the odd white pointer! (are you with me).

After a fair while splashing about and running up and down the beach picking up broken shells, it was time for the little nevilles to hit the limestone cliffs. All along the cliffs their was little caves and fallen down rocks but the kiddies stayed clear of the edges and just mucked around at the bottom parts as you can see. Well that's what I told mum!

But all good things come to an end and so with some notso happy kiddies getting changed for their walk back, off we went back up the old walk bridge and back onto the path home. It's funny how the walk to get here was pretty quick but i'll tell you the one back seemed a lot more further then it looked.

But with about ten minutes of walking to go the poor little fella Harrison pull up short and wasn't going any further, as Jack said 'his legs are hungry'. Well after a little chat with him, off he went almost running the last ten minutes back to the car. You'd be surprised how quick a kiddie can walk when you promise him a McDonnell's Icecream! And that was the end of our first beachwalk, it was great in someways but it didn't compare to a beaut walk through the bush. You can keep ya seagulls, give me a maggie any day.