Saturday, January 12, 2008

Tomato Lake

Well this bushwalk was gonna be a bit different then our other walks, for starters it was in the town of Kewdale with lies just on the outskirts of Perth city. This is actually two big lakes joined together by a bridge and a bird lookout. The whole walk takes about 3km's with a couple of swing areas for the kiddies.

The first thing we came to was a bunch of old totem poles, which the kiddies just loved and it didn't take Jacko long to be climbing up the whole lot of them. It's just beaut that they have things like these for the little rugrats to climb and run around, they loved them.

Then we walked for a fair distance before we got to the other side of the lake. Just in the background you can see the bridge that separates the lake into two.

The the next stop for a photo was on the bridge, Harrison was already feeling the heat from the walk. Don't worry little man were only half way sport!

We then made our way to our first set of swings, it's funny how one minute we have three little nevilles who are just about out on their feet. Then they see a set of swings and before you know it their running about flat out like a lizard drinking!

After a little play off we went around the second part of the lake then back across the bridge. We were walking a figure-eight around the lake and now it was the last bit of the walk before we would finish. And we came to our second set of swings, it was one of those climbing rope things which the kiddies love. Well they love them when their up on top and having fun, but when they lose their grip and full down quicker then a brides knickers! They lose their smile real fast believe me mate. But today we made it nice and safe..... so no trip to the hospital thank God.

Look at what the cat dragged in!

And then we came to the end of our city bushwalk but not like our normal walks this one had an ice cream shop at the finish, so I thought oh well it's not like they get ice cream all the time so it was time to attack a nice cold chocolate Paddle pop. As you can see Harrison is an expert when it comes to demolishing an ice cream, but nothin' an old baby wipe won't fix mate. See i'm an expert at this kiddie capper now you can do anything with a baby wipe, it's not like the old days when you use to spit on a hankie and give the kiddie a face wipe. Oh times have changed hay!