Monday, November 24, 2008

Rocky Pool Bushwalk

Well it was time to go back into the ridgie didgie bush for a beaut bushwalk, this time with all the kiddies we were heading for a place called Rocky Pool. Which is located inside the old Kalamunda National Park, and is one of my most liked National Parks because you don't have to Pay!

Most of the bushwalk would be along the old Bush firefighters tracks, so you could say we were going in style. We flowered the Piesse Brook for most of the way, but their was some real big hills that we had to climb.... bugger!

'Look what the cat brought in'

The mob makes me laugh sometimes, like when I say okay smile for a photo. Then they all run together and usually stand in a line for the photo, like there lineing up for a police lineup!

No joke this was one friggin' big hill, believe me mate.

'Yes Oscar leave the poisonous snake alone mate'

Along the road we came across the 'Bibbulmun Track' which crosses our trail, this is one of the Bibb's sign posts. You never know maybe one day we will do the Bibbulmun Track, but that's a friggin' long way off.

And then we were at the Rocky Pools, it was only about 2 kilometers (which is a short one for us) but it was up and down hills, so it was a hard walk. And as you can see a nice young sheilah decided to go for a swim too, Strewth! Well if ya gonna take four kiddies for a friggin bushwalk, then there's gotta be a perk in it somewhere!

Here is Sarah showing our bushwalk book that has taken us on this journey of Bushwalks, through the city of Perth and into the sticks of the Darling Rangers. And so we just sat back and watched the Piesse Brook waters, and contemplated how they sculpted the Granite rocks and the landscape around. And of cause had the odd grander at the sheilah having a splash.

Then it was time to head back to the commodore, but along the way we came upon this beaut old rock which the kiddies couldn't help but climb. Except for the little fat fella, and he wasn't to happy about it either.

And then we crossed the old bridge again, and then it was back to the car.

And that was the end of yet another beaut bushwalk through the Darling Rangers, and the end of yet another walk along a Jarrah-Wandoo filled track.